Technical characteristics

Airport Surface Area: 3,450 m²
Airport capacity: 695 pax/hour, 700,000 pax/year
Car Park area: 2,300 m²
Check-in desks: 9
Luggage carousels: 9
Departure gates: 2 - gates 4
Security area for departing passengers: 3
Luggage security: 100% at loading
Fire prevention service: CAT. 7 ICAO Fire Brigade present on site
ENAC certification: Nr. I 33/APT


The A.I.P. tables contain:
Administrative and geographical data concerning the airport, service times, support services and equipment.
Passenger services, fire and emergency services, seasonal availability and runway cleaning systems, data concerning the parking areas, taxiways and testing emplacements, ground movement guide and control and signalling systems.
Declared distances, approach lights and runway lights, additional lighting, secondary power supply units.
Helicopter landing area, ATS air space, ATS communication system, radio assistance for navigation and landing, local traffic regulations.
Special procedures applicable to airplanes in conditions of low visibility, local flight restrictions.

# Chart A.I.P.

# Aerodrome chart ICAO

# Airport Regulations Ed. 3.1

# Annex 5 - Airport Regulations Ed. 3

# Annex 6 - Airport Regulations Ed. 3

# Module 1 - TIA Request
# Module 2 - TIV Request

# Module 3 - Request for vehicular permission

# ADC - Request for an exam

# GSR form - Ground Safety Report

# Substitutive declaration of certifications

# Information on alcohol consumption
# Transmission letter Ordinance n. 24-2019

# Ordinance n. 24-2019 - RdS Ed. 3.1

# Transmission letter Ordinance n. 22-2019

# Ordinance n. 22-2019