The idea of renovate the Aeroporto “G.Verdi” has began in 1980, thanks to the initiative of local Aeroclub “Gaspare Bolla”, in accordance with the local authorities, economic partners, banks and some of the major enterprises in the territory.

Three years after, the managing operation of the Airport is shifted to the newborn company SO.GE.AP. S.p.A., a result from the merging of different forces fro the city, financial, political and social expressions of the territory and almost 130 private companies.

The official opening of Parma Airport is dated back in 1991 and represent the formal acknowledge of Italian Government of this newborn reality.

After more than 15 years Parma’s airport is a consolidated reality achieving important milestone every year, such the ENAC (National Bureau for Civil Aviation) certification, the new enlarged runaway and the new aircraft parking lot.

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