Castles, places and fortresses

Parma’s fortresses, castles and palaces are considered amongst the most attractive and best preserved in Italy. These gems managed by the Association for castles in the Dukedom of Parma and Piacenza. The charming and antique roads which furrow through the Parma Appenines, take you to uncover antique medieval castles, fortresses, churches and art history. A tour of the castles will take you to admire the beautiful local countryside discovering the small villages along the way rich in history.

The Bardi Fortress was constructed in the IX century and is the second largest in Europe. The site is full of towers, battlements around the walls and on the inside a charming square called Piazza d’arme and numerous rooms full of frescos.

Compiano Castle, on the road which links the Emilia part of the region to the Liguria region and dates back to the year 1000. It dominates a magnificent village and the whole Val Taro valley.

Corniglio Castle is also in a dominant position offering the possibility to stay the night in a comfortable bed and breakfast dwelling.

Fellino Castle was constructed in the IX century, surrounded by a moat with four angular towers and a beautiful courtyard inside. This castle has a marriage licence and is great of banquets and events.

Torrechiara Castle was built in the XV century by Pier Maria Rossi, and is one of most extensively preserved in Italy. It is home to works of art such as “Camera D’oro” with frescos attributed to Benedetto Bembo.

Colorno Palace, (today home of the International School of Italian Cuisine ALMA) is full of courtyards surrounded by beautiful frescos and splendid French garden with water fountains.