Parks and nature

As well as the National Appenine Tosco-Emiliana national park, there are 4 regional parks in the Parma territory; The Regional Forest Park of Carrega, The Fluviale Regional Park of the Taro, The Fluvial Regional Park of the Stirone and the Regional Park of 100 Lakes all protected by nature reserves offering a diverse mix of rivers, lakes, woodland, landscapes and the snow in the winter which is great for activities like skiing, bird watching, cycling and motorcycling trekking, horse riding, orienteering or just to enjoy the vast beautiful landscapes.

The Valley of the Taro and Ceno is a mountainous region in the Appenine valley south of Parma. It is rich in mountain history and full of gastronimic delights such as Porcini muchrooms where Borgotaro is considered the capital and the black pig which has come from the Ceno Valley for hundreds of years. Borgotaro can be reached easily by train from Parma and La Spezia. The area has many “agriturismos” offering bed and breakfast in beautiful surroundings. The Medeival village and castle of Compiano and the Bardi castle are known for the imposing beauty and historic artefacts.

Berceto has always been an important centre of the area where historically many pilgrims passed on foot en route to Rome via the Sanctuary of the Madonna. The route is still used by pilrgims today.
The famous Cisa pass runs through the Val Taro Valley and known worldwide by motorcyclist and car enthusiasts for its winding mountainous roads leading to La Spezia on the Ligurian Coast.