Thermal springs

There is a wealth of Thermal Springs
in the Parma area thanks to a precious availability of thermal waters rich in minerals known since ancient times.

Salsomaggiore thermal Springs are among the most known in Italy, thanks to the extraordinary therapies of the salsobromoidic and high mineralisation which comes from the ground. Offer a wide choice in facilities, spas and hotels, making this town well known for its excellent hospitality.
Salsomaggiore is also the proud location for the annual national beauty pageant of Miss Italia.
Not far from the town is also available a state of the art golfe course, 18 holes, the ideal place for relaxing after or before some time at the spas.
Salsomaggiore is located in the Parma’s Province, at just 30minutes from the city itself. Salsomaggiore can be easily reached by car taking the motorway A1 - exit Fidenza-Salsomaggiore, or by train from Parma rail station (Minuetto train).

Tabiano Thermal Springs are known for their sulphuric waters used in particular in the cure of skin complaints and healing the respiratory tract.

Sant'Adrea Bagni thermal Springs flow from the green hills and boast sources of water.

Monticelli Thermal Springs make use of their salsobromoiodic water supply for thermal baths, massages and mud baths.